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Powerpoint to accompany Benefits Meeting
Question and Answers 

If you have any questions regarding your benefits please contact Employee Benefits Clerk Hannah Class 805-361-8124

Insurance is offered by the district to bargaining unit members (SMEEA and CSEA)whose regular work assignment is four or more hours per day. 

YOUR EMPLOYEE ADVOCATE - BENASSIST at Beneflex Insurance Services


Call for assistance with questions or concerns regarding your benefits.

1-888-957-2933 tel

805-456-4500 fax

District Office Confidential HIPAA Fax: 805-346-1831



Customer Service 800-322-5709

Health Insurance is provided for employee, spouse, and dependent children up to age 26.   An employee's spouse with the option to enroll in their own employer sponsored medical benefits must do so to receive secondary insurance coverage through the District's medical benefit plan.

Address Claims and Inquiries to:    

P.O. Box 12020
Bakersfield, CA 93309

Additional phone numbers: 
MedCall:  (800) 977-0027
Navitus Pharmacy:  (866) 333-2757

Anthem 90-70 Plan Detail 

 Anthem 80-60 Plan Detail.pdf

Anthem 90-70 Plan Summary 
Anthem 80 60 Plan Summary
Certificated Fringe Benefits
 Classified Fringe Benefits
Pharmacy Navitus 866-333-2757

Costco mail order 800-607-6861

Anthem Blue Cross in-network providers


Preventive Health Guidelines:   Click to see what early detection screenings and routine wellness exams are covered in full
 (no co-insurance) to keep you and your family healthy.

Customer Service (800) 541-7846   R
eference:  Group Plan Number 432972 
Employees who receive dental benefits have the option to include dependents by purchasing additional coverage.  This option is offered at time of hire and also during the open enrollment period of mid-August through mid-September of each year.  In the instance of marriage, the employee has 30 days from the date of the marriage to add coverage for a spouse.
Plan Detail   

Plan Summary



Summary Plan Description

Vision services are available to the employee and dependents.  Benefits are through Vision Service Plan. 
VSP Customer Service:  (800) 877-7195

Click here or on the VSP logo above for a link to VSP to find VSP Providers and coverage information

Employees are provided with district paid life insurance and salary protection.


The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced that, due to difficulties for some issuers that have hundreds of documents that must be posted to comply with the requirement for both individual and group coverage, it will not take enforcement action against issuers that make available individual coverage policy or group certificate of coverage documents no later than November 1, 2015. HHS expects all group and individual health insurance issuers to provide an Internet address for the group certificate of coverage or individual policy documents by the date on which the SBC is otherwise required.

Read about the summary of benefits and coverage safe harbor.

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