Business Services

The 'Business' of Education Guide

The Business Services Department is comprised of accounts payable,payroll, attendance accounting, purchasing, maintenance and operations,food services, information technology, and student housing. 

The Business Office, in alignment with the district mission and goals, works to enhance and foster the organizational effectiveness of the Santa Maria-Bonita School District, by providing quality financial-related work products, as well as offering exceptional service to both internal (district-wide) and external customers of the district.  The Business Office analyzes develops and analyzes information to ensure maximum and efficient use of district resources to support student success.

The Business of Education Brochure- This 'quick tips' brochure includes the annual reminders sent from the Business Office to district staff.  It is a good resource to follow for many of the common procedures and guidelines used throughout the district. 


Matt Beecher
 Assistant Superintendent for Business Services

Souza Student Support Center
708 S. Miller Street · Santa Maria, CA 93454
805-928-1783 ext. 8131 · 805 346-8605 Fax


Brian KingCoordinator of Budget and Finance, x8132

  • Budget development, auditing, accounting, statistical procedures, and coordination of budget, finance and purchasing staff 


Kristyn Cornejo, Administrative Secretary, x8131

  • Developer fees, mitigation and boundary information, student insurance and claims


Melissa Maxwell, Accounting Supervisor, x8137 

  • Supervisor A/P and P/R, journal entries, budget revisions, and budget coding


Jessica Parra, Account Technician/Budget Control x8150

  • ASB, accounts receivable, budget control and revolving cash.

Virgnia Macabunga, Account Technician/Budget Control

  • ASB, accounts receivable, budget control and revolving cash.

Nicole Duran, Accounts Payable
, x8136

  • Accounts Payable [invoices] for credit card invoices, travel/conference payments and quarterly sales taxes

Courtney Reyburn, Accounts Payable
, x4617

  • Accounts Payable [invoices] for credit card invoices, student transportation accounting, travel/conference payments, and quarterly sales taxes


Malinda Diaz, Classified Payroll, x8133 

  • Classified Payroll


Karmen Gunn, Certificated Payroll, x8134

  •  Certificated Payroll, Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) information, and deposits

Karen Franklin, Office Automation Specialist, x8142

  • Escape Online 5 and Digital Schools Suite Plus support


Mike Grogan, Student Housing Office, x8278

  • District student transfers, school boundaries and enrollment planning


Manuals . . .

  • WebReports are no longer being used.  Contact the Escape Online 5 support x8142 for report information.


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