Warehouse Staff

  • Liz Powell -- Director, Ext. 8101
  • Max Diaz -- Lead Warehouse Delivery II, Ext. 8178
  • Fran Gladstone, Warehouse Delivery II,  Ext. 8177
  • Arnie Bravo, Warehouse/Delivery I
  • Tony Lewis, Warehouse/Delivery I
  • Jose Meija, Warehouse/Delivery I
  • Carlos Nuno, Warehouse/Delivery I
  • Conrad Sierra, Warehouse/Delivery I

Supper Program delivery drivers

  • Mark Albrecht, Warehouse/Delivery I
  • Tony Lewis, Warehouse/Delivery I
  • Trenton Class, Warehouse/Delivery I
  • Sergio Garcia, Warehouse/Delviery I
  • Christopher Paz, Warehouse/Delivery I


Warehouse Guidelines

The District's warehouse is an operational warehouse versus a storage warehouse.  As such, a high volume of activity in and out of the warehouse occurs daily.  The warehouse environment is not a standard office space. There are hazards related to the movement of incoming food, material, use of machinery and the expectation of a clear work area that make this area unique.

As such, the access to this area will be restricted to warehouse personnel only. This area also contains assets for the district that require security and accountability. Restricting access to the warehouse also allows warehouse staff to maintain this control such that proper paperwork follows the assets in this area which maintains budgetary control and the maintenance of proper warehouse stores.   These guidelines are in place to protect employees, maintain a safe work environment, and secure inventory.   The only exception is in the event of an emergency the warehouse may be used as an evacuation route. 

The warehouse area of the building is not a general access area.  It is not an entrance.  It is not an exit.  Only authorized warehouse staff members are permitted access. Thank you for cooperating with the warehouse rules and understanding the reasons behind the additional restrictions in place for access to this area.