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Raquel Valdez, Director


Joni Monroe, Administrative Support

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Bruce        Fairlawn Miller
Ontiveros   Rice Sanchez  

State Preschool Program
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 The State Preschool Program, funded by the California Department of Education’s Child Development Division, is a preschool program for children between the ages of three and five years who are from low-income families.  As a child-centered program, State Preschool adds to a joyful childhood and is filled with inviting, developmental learning experiences.  In partnership with parents, children are prepared for success in school and community.

Our Mission:

To provide quality early education for children and families which supports the development of life long learners in our diverse community.

 Our Philosophy:

We believe that all children should have a nurturing environment, which promotes a successful school experience.  We are committed to provide a language based curriculum designed to meet the needs of each child while integrating the development of the child’s physical, emotional, creative, intellectual, social and cultural skills through learning activities and authentic, ongoing assessment practices.  We support the unique needs of each child and believe that through successful participation in learning experiences, children will develop positive self-esteem.

 Our Goals:

To enhance the total growth of all children the program will provide opportunities for your child to:

  • Develop a positive self-concept
  • Engage in activities, which will help the child be successful
  • Develop the ability to express ideas clearly
  • Develop physical skills
  • Learn to get along with and understand the feelings of others
  • Develop creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills

 We Provide to Qualifying Families:

•   A clean, safe supportive environment at multiple sites

•   Enrollment Priority is given to four year olds

•  State licensed center

•   Child/Adult ratio is 1:8

•   Qualified, caring staff, knowledgeable with appropriate State Child Development


 Eligibility is established at the time of enrollment per the California Department of Education, Child Development division regulations.  Priority is given to eligible four year children.

 Program Enrollment :

We offer two half day sessions at nine sites to families who meet the low-income eligibility scale as set by the State of California.  

For enrollment and/or more information, contact:

 SMBSD State Preschool
Raquel Valdez
State Preschool Director
708 S. Miller Street
Santa Maria, CA 93454


Adam State Preschool              Alvin State Preschool               Battles State Preschool
500 . Windsor Drive               301 E. Alvin Avenue                    605 E. Battles Road
Sata Maria, CA 93458           Santa Maria, CA 93454              Santa Maria, CA 93454
      (805)361-6759                       (805) 361-6812                           (805) 361-6904

 Bruce State Preschool              Fairlawn State Preschool               Miller State Preschool
 601 W. Alvin Avenue                     120 N. Mary Drive                   410 E. Camino Colegio
Santa Maria, CA 93458              Santa Maria, CA 93458               Santa Maria, CA 93454
     (805) 361-6995                            (805) 361-7528                            (805) 361-8297

  Ontiveros State Preschool            Rice State Preschool             Sanchez State Preschool
 930 W. Rancho Verde                700  E. Vickie Avenue                    804 W. Liberty
Santa Maria, CA 93458              Santa Maria, CA 93454            Santa Maria, CA 93458
       (805) 361-6818                          (805) 361-7794                          (805) 361-4628