SchoolCity: Data Analytics & Assessment System

It is critical that the learning activities of our students are guided by decisions made through the use of:

*  historical data
*  information gained by common formative assessments
*  collaborative conversations 

SchoolCity SchoolCity is the tool by which we collect and store student data. This includes demographic information, CAASPP scores, district assessment data, and any local data that school sites or individual teachers would like to collect.
It also allows teachers to create and administer assessments. Assessments can be created and administered all within SchoolCity, or can be administered outside of the platform and either scanned or manually entered, depending on how the student has taken the test.

Immediate and easy-to-access reports make it possible to reflect upon and use the data for instructional purposes.

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n, and using the data for instructional decisions.
n, and using the data for instructional decisions.