Computer Lab

Computer Lab Rules

  • No talking in the lab without permission.
  • If you cannot log in, you will not use the computer today.
  • If your computer stops working, raise your hand.  Do not move to a new computer.
  • You may search the Internet only with Yahooligans.  You may not go to any websites or type anything on the address/search bar without permission.
  • Do not make any changes to the computer.  This includes the desktop, background, etc.
  • Do not download anything.  Please read what is on your screen carefully before you click on anything.
  • You may not print without permission.
  • Do not touch anyone else’s computer.
  • Pay attention to the teachers and think before you click.
  • Icons need a double-click (on the icon itself, not the words).
  • Buttons and tabs require only one click.
  • Be patient, computers rarely “freeze” without your help…
  • Remember that this is a place to work and learn, not play.
Available Programs (Word document)